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2020 Focus

A mention of 2020 usually evokes a thought about vision.  In this case, though, it's not about vision, but about a new look for our website.  Users will still have easy online access to eligibility, coverage and claims that are components of your health plans. HealthFirst wants to make sure that finding and updating information is easier for both plan members and plan sponsors. 

The new look will feature more information, and will continue to be customized for each client. It will include all the features clients currently use, such as coverage, claims and eligibility inquiries.... Read More »

Better Control RX

Prescription drug costs are a big chunk of overall healthcare spend – and for many plans, these costs are growing faster than any other component.  That’s why HealthFirst is partnering with an industry-leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) consultant to analyze our clients’ Rx plans, at no charge to our clients.

ScripPoint, an independent consultancy led by pharmacists with deep PBM experience, will perform a PBM comparison, reviewing a group’s current contract against leading competitors to make sure the group is getting the best rates. Script Point will also review the current... Read More »

Narrow Networks

If you have clients in East Texas, chances are you know about HealthFirst’s proprietary narrow network, AccessDirect Platinum, or ADP. With more than 2,100 providers and 11 hospitals covering eight East Texas counties, ADP offers excellent access to care, along with some of the deepest discounts of any regional network in the nation.

ADP includes all UT Health providers and facilities, along with other leading regional providers such as Texas Spine & Joint Hospital, Azalea Orthopedics, Heaton Eye Associates, and more.

To expand access, HealthFirst has now added another... Read More »

Olympic Center

The UT Health East Texas Olympic Center, a certified medical fitness center, is now offering membership discounts to all groups utilizing the ADP (AccessDirect Platinum) network. Members will receive a 20 percent discount of the normal membership cost of their local Olympic Center facility. Rates vary by facility.

The centers boast state-of-the-art fitness equipment, warm water pools, individual and group fitness classes, and a highly trained staff. 

Members should bring proof of employment (ID badge, pay stub, business card) at the time of enrollment for the discount to be... Read More »