2 Ways for Providers to Get Information!

Providers now have two ways to obtain information - the HealthFirst Provider Portal or the Automated Eligibility & Benefits Line.

The HealthFirst Provider Portal is your gateway to member information. It gives registered medical and dental providers the ability to:

  • Check relevant eligibility information
  • Check claim status for claims that have been processed and paid
  • Submit a number of requests and documents via the message center
  • ...and more

You will need to register for the new portal and a registration code is required.

If you are a medical provider, your registration code can be obtained by calling the HealthFirst Provider Automated Eligibility & Benefits line - 903.226.8183. You will need your TIN and the Zip Code associated with your W-9. If unable to obtain a registration code, please email communications@hfbenefits.com and attach a copy of your W-9. (This email address is for registration or portal help, only.  Email customerservice@hfbenefits.com for eligibility/benefits or claim status)

Dental providers can obtain their registration code by emailing communications@hfbenefits.com (attach a copy or your W-9). Registration codes or eligibility and benefit  information for dental providers is not available through the automated line.  This information is available on the portal .

To enroll on the portal, go to hfbenefits.vbagateway.com and select Click here to register and/or enroll. Medical and dental information is available on the portal.

Eligibility, benefits and claim status for medical coverage only can also be obtained by calling the Automated Eligibility & Benefits line -   903.226.8183. Just follow the prompts for a quick and easy way to get information!