Our Service Makes a Difference


HealthFirst will work with you and your broker to design a benefits plan that is customized and comprehensive. A plan that is designed to meet your strategic goals and your corporate culture.

We proactively pursue savings opportunities and provide effective risk reduction strategies that ensure a return on your investment for healthcare services. Our data analytics help you and us understand risks and your cost drivers. Using this information and listening to clients, we then structure your plan to meet the needs of your employees and their families, while addressing any risk factors.

Keeping a focus on how your plan is performing, your account executive can provide specialized reports as needed, such as:

  • Claims and prescription data
  • Demographic profiles
  • Utilization information
  • Care gaps
  • Population health management
  • Chronic conditions

And we also keep you in compliance, by helping you stay on top of changes in healthcare reform legislation.

We want to help you improve employee health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs, year after year. Our goal is to improve the experience of everyone we serve.

Claims Administration

Unlike most TPAs, we have both an experienced medical director and nurses working together with our administrative team. This coordinated approach saves our clients on the costs for submitted claims charges. With plan support and oversight, our team will also negotiate claim costs when necessary.

Another part of our claims administration is direct customer service. When a plan member has a question, they can speak with a claims analyst who has been assigned to your account. Questions about claims can also be submitted securely through the online member portal.

Not registered on the online portal yet? That’s not a problem. Register here using the information supplied to you by your account manager. Make sure you select Click here to register and enroll. You can also contact us here.


Our customer-centric approach at HealthFirst means that we, as the third party administrator, work with your employer to ensure your health benefits plan runs smoothly.

Customer service, eligibility experts, claim analysts, account managers and coordinators and case managers are available to answer questions and provide education and resources to help manage your health care and your health.

We’re here to help you understand your:

  • Health benefits
  • Your EOBs
  • Provider networks
  • Pre-certification requirements
  • Secure online portal

Members can easily access personal health benefit information 24/7 on the member’s online portal.

  • View eligibility and claim information and status
  • Printable copies of Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Find doctors and hospitals in your network
  • Get a summary of your plan and benefits
  • Request ID cards
  • Submit messages through the online portal

Not registered on the portal yet? It only takes a few minutes to take control of managing your health. Register here using  your birthdate and last four digits of your SSN as your registration code. If you need help with registration, please email communications@hfbenefits.com.

If you can’t find what you need, contact us here


Our provider portal provides 24/7 access to health plan information so that you can find what you need to take care of your patients. We work with you in coordinating processes that lead to prompt, accurate and fair payment. 

Log In to the Provider portal to access the following secure and HIPAA compliant information:

  • Claim status
  • Patient eligibility
  • Benefit plan information
  • Explanations of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Send questions to Customer Service

On the portal, you’ll have access to real-time information and get the answers you need immediately.

To access the portal, you’ll need to register first. You will need a registration code which can be obtained by calling the HealthFirst Provider Automated Eligibility & Benefits line - 903.226.8183. Have your TIN and the associated Zip Code available, too. If unable to obtain a registration code or you need help registering, please email communications@hfbenefits.com.



HealthFirst partners with brokers to create innovative and custom solutions for employers with self-funded plans or those considering self-funded plans. We realize the critical role that brokers have in helping self-insured employers find affordable health coverage for their employees and their dependents. Working together, we create plans that meet employers’ specific needs in this ever-changing healthcare landscape.

We help you and your clients realize the true value of their healthcare investments by giving you the support and information you need to present to your clients. HealthFirst delivers:

Knowing that brokers want to bring the best solutions to their clients that meet their specific needs, HealthFirst is committed to helping brokers find the very best solutions in the market to bring to their clients.

To find out more or to speak with a sales executive, call 800-477-2287, or email sales@hfbenefits.com

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