It’s a self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan. Our options satisfy the individual mandate for employees. They also minimize potential Affordable Care Act-related penalties for employers. And all at a cost that’s lower than other more traditional insurance options.

Simple to get started. Just provide a group census listing employee age and gender. A quote can typically be generated within two business days. Your plan can be up and running in as little as 30 days.

Simple to administer. Enroll online or on paper. Your account manager will help set up a bank account to fund claims cost every month, and will answer your questions. Administration fees will be the same every month; your monthly claims costs will vary, depending on usage.

Simple to use. No complicated forms to submit or records to keep. Employees simply show their customized ID card. They’ll pay nothing for preventive services, and a low copay for other services such as generic prescription meds.


  • Plan 1: Basic plan covers preventive care at 100 percent, including all services required by the Affordable Care Act and optional telemedicine service.
  • Plan 2: Preventive care plus additional services, including up to four physician visits annually, generic drug plan and a free 24/7 telemedicine service.
  • Plan 3: All the benefits of Plans 1 and 2, plus limited coverage to help pay for such services as emergency room care and out-patient surgery.



In a self-funded dental plan, the employer pays only administration fees plus services actually provided. This can provide significant savings over a fully insured plan, in which premiums remain the same no matter how much dental care is used. Nationally, dental claims average only about $400 per person per year, and statistics from the American Dental Association show that about 30 percent of insured adults do not visit the dentist annually.

Avoid the $2,570-per-employee penalty. Under the shared responsibility portion of the ACA, this penalty is applied if an employer does not offer eligible employees a plan with Minimum Essential Coverage. SimpleSelect qualifies, eliminating the risk of a large fee.

Minimize the potential $3,860-per-employee penalty. Employers that offer only MEC plans, and do not offer an “affordable” Minimum Essential Benefits plan, could potentially face a fee of $3,860 per employee. However, this penalty applies only to those employees who bypass the MEC plan to purchase a policy from the exchange AND whose income qualifies them for a premium subsidy – NOT for every employee.

Help employees avoid penalties and save money. With a SimpleSelect policy, employees meet the minimum requirements of the ACA’s individual mandate. So they won’t have to pay a penalty, which in 2016 ranged from $695 to as much as about $2,500. And they won’t pay out of pocket for basic preventive care.

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